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    Video Drives Better Results
    Grab your Sales, Marketing and Training
    audience's attention & measure the results with
    voice-enriched, mobile-ready video presentations.
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    Train Employees Faster
    Cut training costs by up to 95% while
    improving employee performance
    with mobile-ready eLearning with the
    Brainshark Learning Cloud
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    Improve Sales Productivity
    Generate 5x more leads, reduce sales
    cycles and upskill sales reps
    50% faster with the Brainshark Sales Cloud
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    Control the Show
    Manage presentations used in the field
    and enable reps to show PowerPoints
    the way they were meant to be seen
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Welcome to Present Us

Present Us is a leading sales enablement and training solutions provider in Asia Pacific. We enable customers to leverage the extraordinary power of sales enablement and presentation solution platforms to drive measurable revenue performance improvement, to do more with less and radically improve customer experience.

Present Us is an accredited Brainshark partner providing a range of services including implementation and on-boarding, best practices and strategy, presentation management and managed services, sales enablement and training services. Based in Australia, we provide support for customers throughout Asia Pacific in conjunction with our reseller network.

Drive better results for Sales, Marketing and Training



Brainshark provides high-impact business presentation solutions to address the needs and objectives of sales, marketing, training and HR organizations. Brainshark's cloud solutions can be purchased on a per-user annual subscription basis. Learn more.


SlideShark™ is the leading app for showing PowerPoint® from the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch – the way it was meant to be seen. Individuals and businesses use SlideShark to better engage with live audiences and maintain control over their most critical content.  SlideShark Team Edition, available as a stand-alone solution or as part of the Brainshark Sales Cloud, provides business-class features and lets you distribute, manage and control the use of PowerPoint content in the field. Learn More.

Present Us Professional Services

Present Us can support your organisation’s presentation needs in a variety of ways ranging from Brainshark deployment to PowerPoint or other presentation


Content Assistance:

Getting the very best out of your presentations is our goal. Whether it is adapting existing content or building brand new presentations, Present Us has the resources to deliver compelling content targeted to your audience, including mobile optimisation so content can be viewed on a wide range of mobile devices. We can enhance or produce PowerPoint slides, provide professional voice over services, video & animation support, presentation strategy advice, social media strategy and much more. Talk to your Present Us representative to learn more.


Present Us is here to support you get the most out of your Presentation Solutions. Whether it be access to a range of on line training modules or a customised learning program designed to your individual needs. With access to qualified Brainshark specialists, PowerPoint gurus and a team grounded in the realities of getting business content and messages across to the target audience, we are here to help


Based in your time zone, supporting businesses across the Asia Pacific we can provide you with the local touch that can make all the difference in meeting your critical deadline. With easy contact via telephone or email you know you can reach out to Presentus when you need support.


Seamless integration between Brainshark and your core systems can be delivered with our technical support. Whether it be Salesforce.com, Eloqua or other applications talk to your Present Us representative on how we can help deliver your content delivery requirements.
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